Research & Policy

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We provide high quality evidence on issues, processes and outcomes to inform the development and delivery of sports policy in Wales.



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Sport Wales has been monitoring and analysing patterns of sports participation for over 20 years.

Active Adults Survey

Wales' best source of information on adult sports participation.


Key outputs from our surveys, and more...


School Sport Survey

School sport, wellbeing and young people's participation in sport.



Find the latest news and outputs from our surveys here.

Research themes

Sport Wales have a comprehensive research programme covering all aspects of sport.

Community Sport Strategy

Research summaries to support the development and delivery of the five priorities in the Community Sport Strategy.


LGB Research

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) People in Sport:  Understanding LGB sports participation in Wales


Tools and resources

Tools and publications to inform, help and inspire sports development.

People segmentation

Resources to help target the adult population in your area.



Active Places Cymru

Comprehensive data on sports facilities in Wales.

Find the latest research publications here.


Here you'll find our own policies along with sport policy and policy news for all of Wales.

Our policies

Corporate policies, position statements, and planning documents.



Sport Wales' responses to consultations and calls for evidence on legislation and policy in Wales.



Sport Wales is a statutory consultee for planning applications that affect playing fields.

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