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The Sport Wales Performance Nutrition Partnerships programme has been strengthened in 2016 by the addition of some new partners as well as reinforcing relationships with current partner companies.

The first discussion our nutritionists will have with an athlete is to assess their current diet and hydration practices to see if these are appropriate for the sport. If athletes decide that they would like to use supplementation in addition to an optimised diet, then advice can be provided on selected products from batch-tested ranges. However, we make it clear that athletes need to assess the need, the risk and determine the effectiveness of these products before making the decision to use them.

Athletes are often bombarded with information relating to supplement use, therefore, at Sport Wales we want to provide athletes with the correct information to make informed decisions if they decide to make use of supplements.

Our Performance Nutrition Partners have been reviewed and scrutinised to ensure appropriate steps have been taken to minimise risk to athletes who undergo drug testing. Products must meet the criteria of the

Informed Sport Programme, as well as the criteria agreed by the Sport Wales Performance Nutrition team. Our Preferred Partners also provide CPD (Continual Professional Development) sessions to practitioners as well as regular communication relating to products and formulations.

The mismanagement of supplement use continues to be a concern and all athletes are strongly encouraged to be very aware of the significant potential penalties. Having clear and rigorous processes in place, such as the above performance nutrition partnership programme, is designed to allow funded athletes to make more informed decisions.

Nicola Newman, Director of Communications and Education, UK Anti-Doping, said: Competing athletes who choose to use nutritional supplements need to understand there will always be a risk they will test positive for a banned substance. It's crucial this risk is minimised by seeking the advice of qualified professionals and only using a batch tested product. The Sport Wales Performance Nutrition Partnerships programme can provide correct information to make informed decisions. Evidence of research and checks made, plus a small amount of each product should also be retained in case a defence is ever required. 

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