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Sporting success is not only down to the skill or talent of the athlete. Our performance lifestyle programme  is specifically designed to help each athlete create the unique environment necessary for their success.

How we help

Performance Lifestyle is a personalised support service specifically designed to help each athlete create the unique environment necessary for their success.

For elite athletes to maintain a performance lifestyle they must fit many aspects of their life alongside their intensive training and competition programme.

Our trained and accredited athlete adviser aims to provide support to athletes by giving them the necessary skills to cope with the special demands of being an elite performer and to better prepare for life after sport.

The Performance Lifestyle programme is primarily delivered to UK Pathway and Élite Cymru athletes living in Wales through an adviser based at the Sport Wales National Centre.

The approach is to work closely with coaches and support specialists as part of an integrated team to minimise potential concerns, conflicts and distractions, all of which can be detrimental to performance.

Advice offered by the adviser may be in a one-to-one session or as a workshop to a squad.  The latter may involve coaches and parents to educate and inform the athlete's support network.

Confidentiality is paramount in building rapport and a relationship between the adviser and the athlete and information will only be shared therefore if an athlete has given their permission.

Examples of the support offered by the Performance Lifestyle programme include:

  • Integrated Planning -helping athletes to combine the demands of sport with other personal aspirations;
  • Educational Guidance - providing advice for those athletes who wish to continue with their studies and support for those who are currently studying;
  • Career Planning - helping athletes to discover their own strengths and interests and match these to possible career aspirations;
  • Transitional Support - for those athletes, who are injured, relocating or nearing the end of their career by providing guidance on future options;
  • Training and Development Programmes - for groups or individual athletes in a wide range of subjects, eg time management, budgeting and finance, dealing with the media, sponsorship;
  • On-going support - former UK Pathway and Élite Cymru athletes can access the Performance Lifestyle programme for a period of between 6-12 months after withdrawal from Lottery funding.

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