Paul Davies /

Paul Davies

Date of Birth

12 October 1966


Table Tennis




Bridgend's Paul Davies upset a player four places above him in the world rankings to secure a Class 1 singles bronze at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

After playing table tennis for 21 years, Davies won his first Paralympic medal at the age of 45.

He said,

"I hope I've inspired the younger generation who have got disabilities. There is sport out there for every disability and if they pick the right one and work hard enough maybe they will be sitting where I am in Rion in four year's time."

Paul used to play table tennis in his free time, but started getting more actively involved in the sport from 1991. He says that he has always believed that if you want something badly enough and work hard to get it, you will be rewarded for it - a motto that has paid off. Paul loves the competitive side of the sport, and it also ensures he keeps fit and active. He also likes to go hand cycling when he has the opportunity to do so.

The highlights of Paul's career so far include his Paralympic bronze medal and winning the silver medal in the team event at the 2011 European Championships, where he also beat the 2008 Paralympic Gold Medallist. He cites the most influential people in his life as his son and his wife Deborah.

Paul was injured in an accident in 1986.