Sport Wales Priorities

The priorities in the below diagram form the building blocks to deliver a Wales where sport is at the heart of every community, impacting positively on the lives of all.

We can only achieve this by working together but for ourselves, it also means working across departments; aligning our work to deliver on specific themes, across the sporting parthway:

Sporting Pathway - English


Sporting Innovation

Wales has a sport sector that embraces collaboration, encouraging new ways of delivering opportunities to increase participation and improve elite performance.

Skills for a life in Sport

Every child and young person is provided with the skills and confidence from an early age to be physically literate through high quality, engaging sporting experiences.

Sporting Communities

We have communities with sport at the heart of them, offering joined up opportunities for every child and young person to undertake at least five hours of safe, high quality sport every week and sustaining their engagement throughout their adult life.

Sporting Excellence

We are a nation that excels in nurturing sporting talent and delivers ongoing success on the international stage.

Growing a Skilled and Passionate Workforce

All those involved in sport, whether in a professional or voluntary capacity, are supported to pass on their skills and passion for sport to the people of Wales.

To find out more about our priorities and how we aim to achieve them, download the full vision here.